Enjoy a few of our favorites:

  • “Ya’ll not only have the BEST seasoning ever, but you are also the nicest company that I have ever dealt with! Thank You So Much!”

    Angela H.
  • “EVERYBODY that I introduce to this product becomes a “butt-rub” loyalist! You have supporters from Ohio to TN and points beyond to Texas! I can’t go home without it. Keep it comin’!! It’s great stuff!”

    Pamela S.
  • “Hands down you have the best spice – we love it – the kids love it – the kids love it!!!!”

    Deanne P., Danville, IA
  • “You are awesome. Thank you. There is truly no better product on the market. We put this on everything!”

    Terry K., Charlotte, NC
  • “I love your products and can not live without them. I use Buttrub® on everything! It is great on all meats, vegetables, eggs and especially great in rice. Your honey is fabulous as well.”

    Pam B., Villa Park, CA
  • “Finest seasoning we have ever used!!”

    Scott L., Forest City, IA
  • “Roman Soldiers were often paid in salt, maybe Rome would still be a world power if they had paid with ‘Butt Rub®’!”

    Mike K., Ft. Collins, CO
  • “You guys make the Very best Seasoning In North America….”

    Darren O., “North of the Border”
  • “Saw you on the Food Network and this stuff better be good. 🙂 Congrats on the win…and your Mom is adorable.”

    Michael M., Alsip, IL
  • “This is the best dry rub, ‘EVER’.”

    Norm W., McKenzie, TN
  • “I haven’t found a meat that it’s not good on yet. From venison to tuna, Butt Rub® ROCKS!!!”

    Keith D., Radford, VA
  • “A red-neck cousin who lives on the panhandle turned us on to Butt Rub®. We LOVE it!”

    Anne S., Eastsound, WA
  • “Bad Byron’s is still the best!  I tell all my friends about you.”

    Shawn J., Portsmouth, VA
  • “This is the most awesome seasoning!!! My husband couldn’t live without it!”

    Karen W., Palm Harbor, FL
  • “GOOOOOOD Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that is quite a compliment…coming from a True Texan!!!!!”

    Richard R., Austin, TX
  • “This is the best stuff we’ve ever had on chicken, ribs, or brisket. What a treat!”

    David C., Lake Wales, FL
  • “The best I ever used.”

    Gabe T., Tracy, CA
  • “Your product is absolutely fantastic.”

    Robert M., Northbridge, MA
  • “This is the best we’ve used….We have been using this product for about 3 years, on everything!!!”

    Lynn M., Mechanicville, NY
  • “Bad Byron’s Butt Rub® is the best seasoning on the Street! Bar None!”

    Craig M., Land O’ Lakes, FL
  • “the best darn spice on the planet!!”

    Carl S., Portland, OR
  • “A fella Q’er gave me a jar of your Butt Rub…Good nite Irene, this stuff is awesome!”

    Milton B., Slidell, LA
  • “Thank you for your product and your service. You guys are #1 in customer service. I enjoy the personal notes and little freebie goodies in each order.”

    Rhonda T., Hobbs, NM
  • “I have tried Butt Rub on everything and it is the very best seasoning I have ever tasted.”

    Jeffery C., Bay City MI
  • “Some dishes I have prepared for years, I have seasoned with Butt Rub and suddenly they’re WONDERFUL! I’m truly amazed!”

    Gail N., Montgomery, AL
  • “There simply is no finer spice mixture on the surface of the planet Earth.”

    Eric Z., Flemington, NJ
  • “I have tried your Butt Rub and it is excellent. Best rub made.”

    Jerry B., Raymondville, TX
  • “Our Family just loves your products. Butt Rub seems to NEED to be on everything!!!”

    Zelda O., Portland, OR
  • “Here in the heart of bbq country, your seasonings are the best!!”

    Steve J., Raleigh, NC
  • “You have great products and the clothing makes people smile.”

    John M, Norristown, PA.
  • “It’s an emergency. I need Butt Rub and we don’t live without it. PLEASE call me ASAP I mean I need it quick!”

    Dianne R., Myersville, MD
  • “You sell the BEST tasting herb/spice combination ever.”

    Laura C, West Chester PA.
  • “Butt Rub is the very best barbeque seasoning we have ever tasted! It is the best for chicken, fish or meat.”

    Carol S., Concord, NC
  • “This is the best spice I have ever had, I put it on everything from fish to eggs.”

    Debra B., Camden, SC
  • “We love Butt Rub! Can’t live without it! We put it on everything from meat to vegetables to bread! I believe we are addicted!! THANKS FOR SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT!”

    Lee L., Sylvania, GA
  • “Unca Duke’s is sure to put collard greens on the endangered list.”

    Clarke W., Barefoot Casual, Miramar Beach, Florida
  • “Thanks for making such a great product; our customers cannot believe the flavor of our food.”

    Gisele N., The Old Fashion Lobster Bake and BBQ Co.
  • “You have by far, the best rub made! I bbq and cook alot and I have used other rubs and why buy something else when the Butt Rub overshadows them by far! A very superior product, thank you!”

    Devin C., Willow Creek, CA